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Socially It Presents:

By Anita | August 5, 2011

PC at 450

If you think Geico can save you money, then check out, where you can save money on services such as your phone, TV, Internet, cable, and home security. You can save money with reputable companies such as AT&T, Q West, Verizon, Charter, Insight, Xfinity, Optimum, Cox, Century Link, Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, Vonage, ADT, Support Squad and more!!

POLM is an organization that helps people become productive in life by addressing barriers of dysfunction through the process of rescuing, restoring and rebuilding lives. That’s their mission! POLM stands for Path of Life Ministries. POLM is a dynamic group of community minded individuals serving the city of Riverside since 1998. They are a premier non-profit agency committed to serving the greater Riverside homeless, challenged youth, and family population.

Path of Life Ministries

So isn’t that great? Not only do you get to shop and compare offers to reputable companies on, but you are also helping to employ some 22 homeless families!

No matter what coast you are, you can still go online to their site and save. Just enter your zip code. If you are just setting up a service, or if you feel you may be paying to much, visit and check out the special rates and or packages many companies have to offer. Tell your family and friends! Call now and save! (951) 697-4195. USE PROMO CODE 74084.

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