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Sugar & Vice 10% Off Just for Socially Its Readers

By Lainie | November 24, 2009

As I was writing this feature I emailed Sugar & Vice to let them know I was going to be doing a feature on them. Well The response that I got back was far better then what we were expecting. Sugar & Vice has created a special coupon code just for Socially It’s readers and fans! Wow, now that is some good business right there. Here is the code and the rest of the feature so enjoy and shop away!!!


Sugar & Vice is a great website for retro alternative jewelry and accessories! Great prices, great products and some custom things I have never seen before. Do you know how special it is to get a thoughtful custom gift from someone? Hint hint lol!

When you are on their site, don’t forget to convert the currency to US dollars! That way you can view pricing in the correct format. It is located on the left side under the menu. Just select US dollar and you are good to go! Shipping seems to be very reasonable as well. I typed in my zip code and it spit back $5.22 as my shipping price! This make its easier to spend more money! Woo hoo!


There is a Sale section on the site where everything is 40% to 60% off the original price. I have checked this section out a few times and they seem to update it very well by removing out of stock inventory and adding new sale items. Just lovely! I have included a few of the current sale items below.


What Sugar and Vice has to offer is very unique items I would love to have; things you just can’t find at your average accessory store.

Now let me get to my favorite part of the website. PERSONALIZED! If you have ever searched personalized or custom pendants online I am sure you have come across the same results as I have. Over priced cheap looking items, or items that just seem too much money to even bother with. Well check these items out! They are all affordable and would make the best gifts ever!


I just love the speech bubble necklace; what a great gift. You can customize the bubble to say something that maybe your bestie always says. For example I might get Anita something that would say, “O I C I just heard the beat, I didn’t listen to the lyrics!” I bet she would just flip if I got her something goofy like that. I also really like the double word necklace. It is so cool. I might get one that says RUDE MAMA … lol j/k!


Check out the octopus above!!! OMG I want that so bad! Sea creatures are the shit! Thats why I put a big star next to him, so if any of you want to buy that for me, please feel free :). I have included a few other great things that I found, but you need to take your mouse and click the link and visit the site for yourself. Do it fast though! It comes from over seas and you want to make sure you get you package by Christmas! I love getting packages that have gone through customs. I hope you guys will love this great net secret as much as I do! Enjoy and happy shopping!! – Lainie


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